Corporate team-building retreats 

If you are planning your next corporate retreat, Kawau Lodge has plenty to offer to help you and your team rediscover the collaborative spirit.  


Set against the pristine water of Hauraki Gulf and the lush greenery of Kawau Island, Kawau Lodge can cater to the individuals on the team.  Have a chat with Olivia to help plan your agenda and let Kawau Lodge be part of your corporate journey towards success and excellence. 

Where we can help: 

     *  Luxurious accommodation for up to 16 persons 
     *  Catered meals or self-catered meals 
     *  Ideas on team building activities 
     *  Reliable internet connection 
     *  Pool of facilitators for hire 
     *  Hire of meeting equipment 
     *  1 chartered fishing trip
     *  1 sightseeing tour
     *  Return transfers
     *  Other add-ons